Rather than letting life pass us by as we stared at the screens of the TV set or computer monitors, Earl and I are happily watching other hikers pass us by on the trails of New England.

Are you a bit older and perhaps a bit out of shape? Are you living a comfortable, sedentary lifestyle?

Are you a bit bored with that lifestyle and interested in adding a little adventure to your life?

Let me introduce you to hiking!

Hiking is an amazing physical activity that can be as gentle or strenuous as you want it to be. Granted, when you first start out, and even as you continue your adventures, it may seem hard, but you can pace yourself and set your goals for what you are capable of doing today!

The cost-factor to start hiking is extremely low (and yes, it can get extremely high). All you need are good sneakers, some exercise clothes (synthetic or wool fibers–not cotton), a bottle of water, and perhaps a small snack.

Ask friends, co-workers, or family members or Google search about local hiking trails. Then go take a walk in the woods.

Allow yourself to slow down to see the wonders of nature. Tune out any city sounds that may linger. Focus on the sounds in the woods and look for birds, squirrels, and other animals. Stop to admire the beautiful flowers and unfamiliar plants you see along the trail. Breathe deeply. Relax.

My goal with Snails on Trails is to encourage and support people who are looking to get outdoors and enjoy the hiking trails in their area. Depending on where you are in the world, your trails may look different from my trails. But you will see many beautiful things if you slow down and take the time to look around you.

In New England you’ll see beautiful trees, moss-covered rocks, and breathtaking views. I think of it as seeing my favorite outdoor wall calendar in 3-D panoramic view.